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       Where the buffalo once roamed, we now have plenty of room to work and play with our K-9 companions.  Licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture and the state of Colorado, we undergo frequent inspections, and have achieved an excellent record for many years.  All of our pet companions enjoy state of the art facilities that are specially designed for their comfort, and that provide plenty of opportunity for exercise and socialization.

"I sure enjoyed getting to see your 'puppy facility.'  Must say I was greatly impressed! So nice to see a kennel operated so professionally!"
                                              Bruce A.
       All areas are environmentally controlled with emphasis on specially designed whelping rooms that ease the dam through her birthing experience, and provide her with the privacy she desires at this special time in her life.  Proper temperature control is of the utmost importance to a newborn puppy, and that is automatically provided on a continuing basis.  Puppies are also encouraged to experience the great outdoors as soon as they are able.
       Our hospital area enables us to provide routine care, and provides support for those requiring extra attention from one of the three licensed veterinarians who help us with any health issue.

        Regular grooming is a must, and here, everyone enjoys the services of professional groomers, in our grooming and bathing facility.

        Cleanliness is perhaps one of the most important aspects of good kennel management, and we have incorporated ease of sanitization in all areas of kennel design.  Everyone thrives in a healthy clean environment.
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